Our point of view

ProsperCap’s investment strategy is grounded in the social/business principles of its parent company, DTGO Group and DTGO’s real-estate development arm, MQDC, which emphasizes social and environmental care while conducting business in a sustainable way. The vision is guided by MQDC's philosophy and DTGO's concept of "Adding Value in Everything We Do", for the benefit of the stakeholders and the society at large.

ProsperCap's investments will be guided by the principles of ESG, including operations with low emissions, create positive outcomes for society, promote community participation, and operate with fully transparent corporate governance. All operations will comply with the sustainability goals of DTGO.

These principles will steer portfolio decisions toward acquisition that will benefit residents, neighborhoods, as well as the environment, and promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles to individuals and families.

The focus will be on projects that can create value for investors, owners, and communities in the long term. Success in these projects will also have positive impacts on the environment, communities, society, and all stakeholders.

As a result, when evaluating acquisition opportunities, ProsperCap will focus primarily on the following criteria to drive its investment strategy:



evaluate potential acquisition targets for micro-market location and convenient access to convention centres or entertainment venues.


Opportunities to Add Value

evaluate potential acquisition targets for opportunities to add value through proactive management, selective renovation or other types of innovative asset enhancement.


Specifications Thresholds

evaluate potential acquisition targets for adherence to defined metrics quality thresholds in including building size, age, and compliance with construction, zoning, conservation, health and safety regulations and protocols.


Opportunities to Demonstrate Sustainable Innovation

evaluate potential acquisition targets for the opportunities they present in furthering a long-term value-added investment strategy focused on sustainable innovation to promote ESG principles.