What is ProsperCap strategic business focus?

ProsperCap is a global real estate investment, capital and property management company based in Singapore with a strategic focus on investing in and managing the operations of hospitality and lodging-related business and with a strong emphasis on the social/environmental aspects of the investments.

How can I obtain a copy of your Annual Report?

You may download a soft copy of our Annual Report from our Annual Report page and if you would like to request for a hard copy, please send your request to ir@prospercap.com.

Who can I reach if I’ve questions about ProsperCap?

You may send your queries to ir@prospercap.com.

Who is the owner of ProsperCap?

ProsperCap is a listed company quoted on SGX Catalist. It is majority owned by DTGO Group, one of the largest Thai conglomerates with extensive business operations across several commercial sectors including hospitality businesses and services, property development and related businesses, alongside its non-profit initiatives in education, healthcare and the environment. For more information. The public holds the remainder of ProsperCap’s shares.

Do you have a dividend policy?

While there is no formal dividend policy, the Board may make dividend recommendations, taking into consideration factors such as the Group’s cash levels, actual and projected financial performance and balancing the needs between rewarding shareholders and investing in capital expenditure for long term growth.  


Your hospitality assets are currently located in the United Kingdom. Are there plans to diversify into other countries and asset classes?

We are committed to the development of a portfolio of sustainable and resilient real estate asset classes across different geographies to drive value creation in the long run.

Which are the hotel brands that you currently work with and are there plans to work with other hospitality brands?

Our hospitality portfolio is operated under Hotel Franchise Agreements with Hilton, IHG and Marriott.  Yes, we will explore opportunities to work with other international hotel brands as and when the need/opportunity arises.

How does the Hotel Franchise Agreement work and what is the franchise fee?

Under each Hotel Franchise Agreement, the relevant Franchisor grants us a non-assignable, non-exclusive licence to use service marks, trademarks and logos and other elements designed to identify hotels and to associate the relevant hotel with the relevant brand.

We are required to pay the relevant Franchisor the applicable hotel franchise fees, which may vary between Hotel Franchise Agreements and may comprise multiple components, including royalty fees, programme fees and other fees with respect to marketing, reservations, and reward programmes, amongst others.

Do you have a target size of portfolio for the next three to five years?

We are actively seeking opportunities to boost our portfolio within the United Kingdom and other geographic regions.  This will be done strategically and prudently to drive value creation and maximise returns for our shareholders. As we progress, we will keep shareholders posted.

What is your strategic growth plan?

We plan to optimise our capital structure using a mix of debt and equity for acquisitions and asset enhancement; maintain a strong balance sheet and optimise our cost of debt financing; conduct asset enhancements to enhance customer experience, marketability, and RevPAR performance; expand our asset portfolio through strategic acquisitions of hospitality and lodging-related assets; and diversify geographically.